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Who are Zorb Soccer Melbourne?

Zorb Soccer Melbourne specialise in providing Zorb, Bubble Soccer and Inflatable Sports for all types of events and occasions. We're fully mobile and will bring hilarious fun to your private location, park, oval or indoor venue near you - All across Melbourne and Victoria.

We've organised and hosted hundreds of parties and events. Our team are fully trained enthusiasts of all things sporty and inflatable and will ensure your event is memorable. Plus, our hosts all hold first aid certificates and working with children checks. 

What is Zorb Soccer?

Zorb Soccer, or you may know it as Bubble Soccer is less about skill and all about having fun with friends, family or work colleagues! 

Pick a Zorb Suit, divide into teams and let the hilarious fun begin. Rather than the standard soccer tackle, use the more effective barge to win the ball off your opponents and send them flying in the process. IF, you can stop yourself from rolling over with laughter, take control of the ball and dribble it past your opponents before smashing it into the back of the net! Be careful though, a barge could come at any time from any direction. 

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