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Kids Party Ideas Melbourne

I'm sure all parents will experience the stress related to organising and coming up with new and exciting ideas for their kids parties. Well, have you heard of Zorb Soccer Melbourne?

Zorb Soccer Melbourne specialise in providing mobile party packages to suit kids 8 years old upwards across Melbourne and Victoria. We'll help you organise a location, provide you party invites and even provide you a fun host to ensure all the kids will be talking about their experience for weeks to come..

Bubble Soccer & Zorb Soccer packages

Bounce around in a safe environment using tailored zorb suits for kids 8 years plus. The party host will set up, run everyone through the rules and ensure players are all safely strapped in. The party will include, bubble soccer and a number of other fun games played inside our zorb suits.

Snookball & Soccer Darts Parties

Perfect for soccer mad kids and the perfect addition to back garden party. Test out your soccer skills inside an inflatable pool table or by shooting some soccer balls at our inflatable dart board. This can be hired with or without a fun party host.

Nerf Battles Parties

Shoot em up style nerf parties. Choose your nerf gun and battle it out inside a controlled and inflatable enviroment. Your host will run you through a number of challenges and games which will test your shooting skills out to the max.

The above activities can be combined for the ultimate party package so please feel free to get in touch for a tailored party.

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